Our Services


Product Photography

Your product is fantastic and you've put a lot of effort in to creating it. Your phone is also a great device. but your phone pictures don't do justice to your product. You want your customers to see all the details in your product, they want to see what you really have to offer.

Behind the scenes/meet the team photos

High quality head shots show the customer you mean business.
However they don't have to be straight faced on a white background(although they can be). Showing your personality through the images on your website/social media is the great way to engage with your clients.  




Social media content

Social media has come along way from just sending your friends birthday messages and pokes. it's now the go to place for anything people want. This vast platform is the place for getting your business seen. Short videos are one of the best ways to catch peoples attention.  With this package we build you a library of content and put together a plan for getting it out to your target audience. 

Getting to know your business

Some times a short 30 second video doesn't get across the message you need to send to your clients.  A getting to you your business video gives you the chance to really speak to the client, giving them more back ground and in depth content. 

Extra content

Not every business is straight black and white with the media content they need. For example, workout routines, make up tutorials, information videos.